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7070 SE 24th Street
Mercer Island, WA 98040


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About Us

 Mercer Island United Methodist Church

Mercer Island United Methodist Church (MIUMC) is a joyful, warm and engaging congregation located on the northeast side of Mercer Island near Seattle, WA. Formed in 1962, our congregation is full of women, men and youth who are enthusiastically growing in relationship to Jesus Christ and to each other in ways that propel us into ministries that reveal God’s love to people on Mercer Island and well beyond.

Through our upbeat and stimulating worship services, MIUMC members and friends (including children!) are strengthened and challenged to live out the teachings of Jesus in every avenue of their lives. During Sunday School, and mid-week Bible study sessions or “tables of learning,” we explore the Bible, probe complex social and global issues, and exchange ideas in a safe and respectful environment. Our learning enriches our lives as we seek to live as people who know God’s word and are committed to being “doers of God’s word.” As a talented and imaginative congregation, we are involved in hands on ministries that include a partnership in shaping young minds and hearts through Seattle’s Atlantic Street Center. We are also involved with the  Emergency Feeding Program of Seattle and King County In an average year, the Emergency Feeding Program of Seattle & King County provides more than 430,000 healthy and nutritionally balanced meals to about 70,000 individuals and families throughout King County.

 As a multigenerational congregation, we find joy in sharing meals with each other, and in laughing with each other during times of fun. In addition, we are enthusiastic supporters of two important ecumenical agencies, the Washington Association of Churches and the Church Council of Greater Seattle, while enjoying strong ecumenical and interfaith partnerships with Jewish and Christian congregations on Mercer Island.

Finally, as we know that our lives and collective well-being are inextricably linked to our relationship with God through Jesus Christ, we are people who frequently and fervently pray for and with each other and for people around the world, with hopes that God’s healing love, peace, justice and joy will be experienced by all.

 We are in the heart of Mercer Island with Mercer Island, our larger community and world in our heart. We are Mercer Island United Methodist Church! There’s room for you at our table!